The Internet of Things for the Home - the standardized way

Grid2Home is a communications software company at the forefront of Smart Everywhere Protocol 2.0 (SEP 2.0) connectivity technologies. Operating seamlessly over wired and wireless networks, the G2H-SE2 Software, including communications protocol stack, tools, support and reference applications, enables communication across the Home and Internet. From smart meters, to household appliances, to electric vehicle charging stations, Grid2Home delivers complete software solutions, based on open standards, that offer ease of integration, hardware architecture flexibility, and interoperability across multiple physical layers. Our customers include semiconductor manufacturers, smart device manufacturers and automotive companies – all dedicated to the rapid deployment of the Smart Home.

Explore the Grid2Home website to learn more about the Smart Home, the G2H-SE2 Software and how Grid2Home is helping partners build Smart Home products today.

"We estimate that the technical innovations of the Industrial Internet could find direct applications in sectors accounting for more than $32.3T in economic activity.

“If the grid were just 5% more efficient, the energy savings would equate to permanently eliminating the fuel and greenhouse gas emissions from 53 million cars.”
– U.S. Department of Energy