Grid2Home is now Kitu Systems


We are excited to let you know that we have changed our name from Grid2Home, Inc to Kitu Systems, Inc. The IoT market has changed significantly since we began. As the market has evolved, so have our products and services. “Kitu”, which means “Thing” in Swahili, reflects our current business and the enormous opportunity of the Internet of Things.

Kitu Systems provides robust and scalable software for the Internet of Things. Kitu’s software enables secure and reliable communications from the Thing to the Cloud over a variety of wired and wireless networks. Kitu’s use-case specific solutions serve markets such as home energy management, photovoltaic solar systems, smart appliances, electric vehicle charge management and specific industrial applications. Kitu’s complete applications and software subsystems offer ease of integration, hardware architecture flexibility, and interoperability across multiple physical layers. Our customers include enterprises, smart device manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers, and automotive companies.


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