The G2H-SE2™ Software

In any emerging technology market, multiple standards and product platforms arise in parallel and the challenge of interoperability presents itself. Grid2Home is dedicated to enabling open standards-based Smart Home products that work seamlessly together producing the highest consumer satisfaction and the biggest return on investment for companies developing those products.

The G2H-SE2 Software has been architected from the ground up to support interoperability across the Smart Home ecosystem. Operating over wired and wireless networks, the G2H-SE2 Software enables communication across the Smart Home and Internet to Cloud servers. Grid2Home delivers complete software solutions that offer ease of integration and hardware architecture flexibility. The open standards-compliant G2H-SE2 Software is portable across all major Home Networking semiconductor platforms and operates over multiple physical layers including 802.15.4, 802.15.4g, 802.11, Bluetooth and PLC. Our open and flexible licensing model supports the needs of all of our customers including semiconductor manufacturers, smart device manufacturers and automotive companies.

Platform Flexibility

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Platform Components

The G2H-SE2 Software has 3 components, the protocol stack, application layer and tools & support. Each component adds unique value to the Smart Grid ecosystem.

The G2H-SE2 Protocol Stack

The G2H protocol stack is the foundation of the G2H-SE2 Software. Because the G2H-SE2 network protocol layers are designed not only to work flawlessly, but also to allow for maximum flexibility and customization, the product is unique in the Smart Home market. The protocol stack is proven across multiple hardware platforms and works over all standards-based physical layers including 802.15.4, 802.15.4g, 802.11, BlueTooth and PLC.

Tools & Support

Robust tools and support help customers achieve fastest time to market for their Smart Grid devices.
G2H-SE2 tools facilitate product integration, application development and system test, giving Grid2Home customers superior level of support.

Reference Applications

The G2H-SE2 suite of reference applications provide customers a starting point for developing their end product applications, reducing the application integration burden and improving time to market.

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Complete Solution

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